Industrial Design

Accessible, Quality Lenses

EYERIS developed a remarkably comfortable gel contact lens, and they wanted to bring their innovative product to market in a unique way. We were asked to develop a smart in-store display that could automatically re-stock gel contact lenses.

Wireless Inventory Management

Many businesses covet one day being able to do fully automated wireless inventory. We were able to develop a fully custom-built system for EYERIS that uses RFID antennae to discern when a unit of gel contacts had been removed, and paired it with a cellar system that could send that data to the cloud for reordering.

Design Details

The eyeris system was designed to track contact lens cases using RFID. Each case has a unique RFID tag located inside of it, and within the display case is an RFID reader. Once RFID tag readings are collected the information is backhauled to a web server using a Cat-M1  Cellular module. A custom printed circuit board was developed that houses both the RFID reader and the cellular module. To create the display itself, we knew we had to rely on fairly high volume manufacturing processes for the contact's container, and medium volume methods for the display. We designed an elegant injection molded pods for the gel lenses and their dispensers, and a mostly thermoformed display housing to hold it all together.

Putting it together

In the end EYERIS's vision was enabled by a system that they could roll out to offices across the country. In the future, we expect EYERIS will continue to transform the industry by making lenses available closer and closer to the consumer.

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