Hip Rx

Industrial Design

Hip Replacement Device

During a hip replacement surgery, you have two options to support the femur. A nurse can hold it, or you can use a $300,000+ table in a large room. Our client, a renowned knee surgeon, knew it could be done better and cheaper.

Easy to use in any room

Ovyl developed a novel and easy-to-use lift that could attach to any surgical table. We also created a new lock mechanism that is intuitive, durable, and adjustable for better patient stability. The device’s minimal body and rugged aesthetic makes it lightweight and durable — capable of lasting for many years.

A step down in cost, a step up in care

Our engineers designed a unique, bidirectional hook, reducing the number of parts used in the operation and the complexity of the product.

We surveyed every surgical table rail attachment to pick the best one. However, the perfect rail attachment didn't exist — so we made it. The profile allows it to be easily removed or attached along the rail. Magnetic locks pop open and shut with built-in indication. Delrin inserts allow for easy sliding adjustments.

Since it can be easily mounted and adjusted on any standard surgical table, hospitals can do many more surgeries at a time. Now, doctors don’t have to be limited by rooms or equipment and they can perform life-changing work.

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