Industrial Design

Stopping heart failure before it stops us

Congestive heart failure is the number one cause of hospital admission in the United States. A patient's risk for this type of heart failure can often be assessed using their medical history and physical symptoms. However, it is extremely difficult to detect certain causes directly, such as volume overload.

Non-invasive Heart Monitoring

Imagine if you couldn't read an active pulse or measure someone's blood pressure - that would undermine a clinician’s ability to quickly assess a patient's health.

Our client developed a remarkably intelligent way to monitor and measure extracellular fluid volume, a previously obscured data point that could be as essential as other vital signs. This technology can monitor hemodynamics (the dynamics of blood flow) to identify volume overload of fluid, which can potentially catch congestive heart failure before it’s fatal.

A collaborative effort

Ovyl co-developed NIVA with our client's existing team to fill in their gaps with our expertise in industrial design, mechanical engineering, and design for manufacturing. Working together enabled the team to could commercialize the technology they invented in the lab to save lives in the field.

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